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In 1912, it was Markus  Schipper, operating his business from a pushcart, going door-to-door in his native Poland buying and selling metals, rags, and paper. In 1918, Markus moved to Brunschweig,                Germany, this time opening a retail scrap yard. Twenty years went by, and in 1938 Markus emigrated to the United States and settled in Newark, New Jersey, where he again opened a scrap yard under the name M.Schipper.

In 1947, his son, Norman, joined the thriving business, and it was renamed M.Schipper & Son. The business prospered and in 1961, a new wholesale division was born…Maxnor Metals Company, concentrating primarily on aluminum and copper scrap. 

In 1975, Norman’s son, Larry, the third generation to follow family tradition, joined the team and spent the next three years perfecting his skills.  

In 1978,  independent  of  the  family  business, Larry formed his own  company, International Alloys, Inc.


International Alloys, Inc.

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